In this episode, History at a Crossroad, we’ll be exploring how a recent drive through rural Eastern Ontario – and a literal crossroad – brought to bear the complex time we find ourselves in – the reckoning and reconciliation of history.


Lanark County Neighbours for Truth and Reconciliation

Assembly of First Nations (AFN)

Algonquins of Ontario

Historic Lanark County Map: 1850-1867 (Ontario Government)

Bolingbroke Historic Images (Althorpe Bollingbroke Community Association)

A History of Treaty Making (Government of Canada; pdf download)

Crawford Purchase (Canadian Encyclopedia)

The Rideau Purchase (Transcript)

King’s Presents (Canadian Encyclopedia)

The Indians of the Lake of Two Mountains and the Seminary of St. Sulpice (Canadiana by CRKN; Historic Book)

Report on the Algonquins of Golden Lake Claim (Government of Canada; Vol 5; pdf 485 pages)

Articles about Algonquin Territory Controversies and Root Ancestry

Algonquin Territory: Indigenous title to land in the Ottawa Valley is an issue that is yet to be resolved (Canada’s History)

Why a decades-old dispute over Algonquin ancestry is key to a city hall controversy (CBC News)

Award-winning Queen’s prof questioned over Indigenous identity claim (CBC News)

Queen’s University to review how it assesses Indigenous identity claims when hiring staff (CBC News)

Shifting Race: Claims of Indigenous Ancestry by Non-Indigenous Canadians on the Rise (Winnipeg Free Press)

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